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Here you will find useful observing information about the visible planets, our Moon and other moons, the Sun, as well as various 'things' celestial. Among these web pages you will find monthly star maps for either the northern or southern hemisphere that are suitable for printout. Animated images are utilized to illustrate celestial motions such as orbital motions of the planets, and other solar orbiting objects, or apparent and real motions along the ecliptic and the local horizon. Regular features include plotting the monthly positions of the visible planets using heliocentric coordinates; following moon phases; conjunctions; the sun's apparent motion and the Earth's real motion along the ecliptic.
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Volume 24          Issue 6
June 2018
   Month at a Glance:
This month
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Mercury becomes visible over the northwestern horizon in the hour or so after sunset local time. Mercury gradually moves eastward setting later each evening as it move stoward its eastern elongation next month.

Venus continues to dominate the western skies after sunset local time. It has an close conjunction with the Moon toward mid-month.
Mars slowly appears to end its eastern motion and by the end of the month Mars will begin moving westward in retrograde motion.
Dwarf Planet Ceres is over the southwestern horizon at sunset but with an apparent magnitude of 7.0 Ceres is only visible with telescopes or time-exposure images. Towards the end of the month Ceres will pass by Algeiba, a 2nd magnitude star that is part of the backward question-mark shape of Leo the Lion.
Jupiter is past its opposition and is currently moving westward in retrograde. Juoiter is rising before sunset and setting before sunrise local times.
Saturn reaches opposition at the end of this month so it is rising around the time for sunset and is above the horizon, setting at around the local time for sunrise.

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June Sky Calendar
01. Waning Gibbous Moon near Saturn
02. Moon at Apogee: 405,300 km
03. Moon at Descending Node
      Waning Gibbous Moon near Mars
05. Mercury at Superior Conjunction
06. Last Quarter Moon
08. World Oceans Day
11. Venus near Pollux
13. New Moon
14. Moon at Perigee: 359,500 km
      Waxing Crescent Moon near Mercury
15. Waxing Crescent Moon near Venus
16. Waxing Crescent Moon near Beehive Open Star Cluster
      Moon at Ascending Node
      Valentina Tereshkova-First Woman in Space-Birthday (1963)
17. Waxing Crescent Moon near Regulus
18. Sally Ride-First U.S.A. Woman in Space-Birthday (1983)
19. Venus near Beehive Open Star Cluster (Binocular View)
20. First Quarter Moon
21. June Solstice
      Waxing Gibbous Moon near Spica
      The Sun does not actually enter the astrological sign of Cancer the Crab.
      The Sun does actually enter the Astronomical sign of the Gemini Twins.
23. Waxing Gibbous Moon near Jupiter
25. Waxing Gibbous Moon near Antares
27. Full Moon
      Moon near Saturn
      Saturn Opposition
      Mercury near Pollux
28. Mars Begins Retrograde Motion
29. Moon at Apogee: 405,100 km
30. Moon at Descending Node
      Asteroid Day
June 1June 1 - 4 am CDT
June 3June 3 - 4 am CDT
June 5June 5 - Mercury at Superior Conjunction
June 11June 11 - 10 pm CDT
June 14June 14 - 9:15 pm CDT
June 15June 15 - 10:15 pm CDT
June 16June 16 -10:15 pm CDT
June 17June 17 - 11:15 pm CDT
June 19June 19 - 10:30 pm CDT
June 21June 21 - 11:15 pm CDT
June 23June 23 - 11:15 pm CDT
June 25June 25 - 9:50; 11:30 pm CDT
June 27June 27 - 11:30 pm CDT
June 27 - Saturn at OppositionJune 27 - Saturn at Opposition
June 29 - Mars RetrogradeJune 29 - Mars Begins Retrograde
Above the Solar System at 10 day Intervals

Heliocentric Coordinaes

Name June 05 June 15 June 25
Mercury 060o 33' 129o 36' 177o 38'
Venus 164o 11' 180o 24' 196o 33'
Earth 254o 18' 263o 52' 273o 25'
Mars 272o 53' 278o 42' 284o 35'
Ceres 163o 56' 166o 30' 169o 05'
Jupiter 230o 25' 231o 12' 231o 58'
Saturn 275o 10' 275o 28' 275o 46'
Plot planet positions using polar graph paper that you can download from this web site - or at that web site create your own.

Above the Terrestrial Planets at 10 day Intervals
Local Time CST (UT-6)

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Credits and Privacy

Click here to read the Privacy Statement for this web site (I don't bite!!), and about this web site and me.